[SPOILERS HERE] Pokemon X And Pokemon Y Videogames Discussion Thread

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    Hi. This is the official video game topic. This thread is the ONLY thread where unmarked XY spoilers are allowed. Please keep all XY videogame chat to this thread, not GD, to let players getting the game late avoid major spoilers.
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    So, we can post spoilers... without putting in the spoiler mark? Great idea Cabd
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    Correct. Unmarked spoilers are allowed here.
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    Is it worth putting [SPOILERS] at the start of the thread title?

    Helps people to avoid the thread more easily if they want.
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    Done and done.
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    Soooo many improvements in this game . . .

    Thought I would share some minor spoilers.

    -EXP share now gives to ALL Pokemon in the party - no more having to send in and switch out a weak Pokemon
    -Trading can now be done at any time from boxes and party - no need to find a Pokemon Centre and go through the usual crap
    -Game is beautifully paced - the new Pokemon are rationed out so you are excited when you see one and pleased to see an old friend from a previous Gen. You can take your time with it too. You aren't rushed through the Gyms. Great selection of Pokemon Types available to capture early
    -The big town is MUCH bigger than the one in BLW
    -You can get Pikachu early, but it's pretty rare. If you catch it several NPCs will tell you how lucky you are
    -Trevor looks like a girl
    -Even the Grass looks so much better, with different types and colours

    I had a f'kin nightmare trying to catch a Farfetch'd though. HP in the red and Paralyzed, yet it still broke out of an ultra ball. Oh yeah, and it was lv 7 . . .[DOUBLEPOST=1381440603][/DOUBLEPOST]@cabd

    You might want to think about editing that title, mate. The missing 'p' makes a lot of difference.
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    Lol, this game is so good the lolseniors soil themselves upon booting it.
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    That sounds to Farfetch'd.
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    MASSIVE SPOILER! A legendary Z pokemon is in the game! It is called Zygarde. And the roaming legendaries are the 3 birds of kanto
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    I feel like I'm the only who doesn't like the new graphics. One thing I liked about the Pokemon video games is the 8-bit(ish) graphics; it set it apart from all the other games. To be honest, that's the main thing that's deterring me from getting the X or Y.

    That being said, everything else looks awesome. There's a lot of awesome new Pokemon (Goomy <3), the new typing is cool, and everything here:

    sounds absolutely amazing. It's just the new graphics that are deterring me from buying it.
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    So I guess Will-O-Wisp's accuracy got boosted to 85%
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    You got the wrong info on Mega Aggron, it stays the same type but it got the ability Filter, which will lower the damage of Super effective damage. I really like this change but I thought it was kinda strange, it just doesn't seem to fit with Aggron's type/look.
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    I want that card, I really want that banette card (best mega evo yet).
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    Over Mega Charizard X?!
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    I got my information from Serebii and it said it changed to pure steel but I guess Serebii made a mistake on that! Also apparently Tyranitar is a y exclusive while Aggron is an X exclusive.

    That looks awesome!
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    It looks like a hydralisk from starcraft. Lol. Go zerg!!!
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    jonboy532 Is betting on a TDK deck with Muscle Band