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Discussion in 'Deck Help & Development' started by Dark_Aggron, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Dark_Aggron

    Dark_Aggron New Member

    I wanted something fast, I wanted something that would make my opponent's gape with fear, I wanted to laugh when I saw the "What the heck just happened?" face, so naturally, I made a Shuppet Donk deck! *muahaha*

    2 Shuppet PL
    2 Banette PL
    2 Uxie LA
    3 Nincada SV
    2 Shedinja SV
    1 Unown Q
    2 Dunsparce GS

    3 Bebe's Search
    4 Quick Ball
    4 Poke-Dex
    4 Poke-Drawer +
    4 PlusPower
    3 Expert Belt
    3 Pokemon Contest Hall
    4 Poke-Blower +
    1 Luxury Ball
    4 Super Scoop Up
    2 Professor Oak's New Theory
    4 Professor Oak's Visit

    6 Psychic Energy
    Strategy, of course, is to pull off a nice donk with Shuppet, thanks to PlusPower and Expert Belt. Pokemon Contest Hall is in case I don't start with a Shuppet. I can slap it down, *hope to* get heads, and set up a Shuppet with an Expert Belt straight to the bench. Shedinja is my replacement for Mr. Mime, walling against all Poke-Bodies and Poke-Powers (which, most decks consist of), and Banette is there just in case I don't pull off the donk, and it ends up going longer. It's Poke-Power can also be used in tandom with Uxie.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Blake

    Blake New Member

    I recently started back up with the TCG. In fact, I posted a Shuppet deck a couple hours ago, but mistakenly posted my list with cards that are no longer allowed. This gives me hope that Shuppet hasn't died without Roseanne's and Mr. Mime. That being said, here's a couple thoughts:

    1 or 2 Crobat G is always nice for that extra bit of damage especially with super scoop up.

    If you went that route, you could also add Poketurn for more Crobat damage.

    With 3 stadiums in your deck, you could benefit from a Skuntank G on the bench for a quick poison, though Skuntank's 2 retreat is a bit annoying if he gets pulled out.

    Every time I run this deck with more than 2 Shuppet, my hand gets crowded with all the Shuppet. Maybe that's different for you.

    I think Night Teleporter has potential too. It's a coin flip, but with heads you shuffle your hand in exchange for one card in your deck i.e. Uxie to use Set Up.
  3. Racker

    Racker New Member

    Doesnt shedninja only have 30 health? If so could a basic kill it if the basic doesnt have pokepower/bodies luxray gl/garchomp c.
  4. Versilaryan

    Versilaryan Front Page Contributor

    You should run only two Shuppet at maximum, and you should also run Dunsparse GS in case whatever you're fighting has resistance to psychic or is weak to colorless. Not to mention, Dunsparse GS can abuse Cyclone Energy.

    The Crobats + Poke Turns will also help a lot.
  5. Dark_Aggron

    Dark_Aggron New Member

    So, two Shuppet, and two Dunsparce? Sounds good...I can't do Crobat/Turns though, too spendy for me.
    EDIT: Also, the Poke-Blower +'s are kind of my make-shift Crobat.

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    It has 60.
  6. Versilaryan

    Versilaryan Front Page Contributor

    Yeah, optimally, you'll have the Poke Blower +'s /and/ Crobat + Poke Turn, but oh well. And don't forget to drop the Banette count. =P

    I'd post more about it, but I don't have very much experience at all with shuppet donk decks. Sorry. )=