delphox artwork by kin-sei

“What Does the Fox Say?” – 1st Place 2014 North Carolina State Championship Report

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“All’s Well That Ends Well” – Jay’s 2014 Wisconsin and Iowa States Reports

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“March Madness” – What to Play for Week 3 of States

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“Climbing the Pyramid” – 1st Place 2014 Pennsylvania State Championship Report

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“Let’s Get This Haus Party Started!” – SC Top 8, Mind of a Metagamer, and States Lists

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“All That” – The Impact of XY, S/T/P Recap, and Rogues

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“Cirque du Poké” – The Spring Regionals 2014 Metagame Prospectus

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“The Home Stretch” – Week 1 Regionals Analysis, Projections, and Ramblings

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“Laying Low” – Three Decks Under the Radar for Spring Regionals 2014

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“Hop, Skip, and a Jump” – A Discussion of G Booster in Plasma, Residual Value, and GA Regionals