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Where to buy Pokémon Cards online

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tamoo, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh Staff Member

    Where to buy Pokémon Cards online​

    If you're wondering where the old sticky has gone, I have 'unstickied' it on the grounds that it was a whole format out of date. As such, I have decided to make a thread which will list all the best sellers of cards on the internet to help you find the best prices.

    I will need all of your help with this list, as I wish for it to be as comprehensive as possible, and I only know a portion of what is out there. If you see anything I have missed out, please do not hesitate to point it out.

    For recommending eBay sellers, they have to fulfil the following criteria to be added to the list:
    1. Either have an excellent selection of staple cards in format or have a very large collection spanning multiple sets.
    2. Have a minimum of 98% positive feedback. Any lower and I wouldn't personally feel comfortable backing them as 1 in 50 transactions are dissatisfying.

    General Buying Tips

    1. Look around. There is no harm in scouting various different places to check where the best prices are. This may sound obvious but I know I've fallen victim to needing a card quickly so recklessly buying the first of the card I found without really looking around before.
    2. Be patient. This is especially important for eBay buying as you won't particularly find the best deal straight away. You may have to wait to find a deal that is right for you but that's fine. If there's no hurry, you can afford to find a cheaper option.
    3. Anticipation. More of a note to collectors but useful for anyone in general. If a card you need to complete a collection is going out of format in a couple of months, it may be more worthwhile to just wait it out and get it when it's value decreases.
    4. Keep up to date with events. The number of people I saw still buying Dialga G Lv.X even after it was announced as a promo was shocking. I have even found one of the most renowned traders on the Gym has even fallen victim to this by trading away a playmat for a card that was soon to become a promo.
    5. Just be smart with your money Before buying a card, just evaluate if you need it at the price you are having to pay for it. Nobody should be going into financial trouble over Pokémon cards. Just be sensible and only buy what you can buy.

    The list​

    Troll & Toad
    Probably the most well known and most used out of the lot. Provides a lot of cards at great prices, going right down to base set.
    Magic The Gathering Cards & Decks

    Been a favourite of mine ever since I managed to buy 3 smeargles for 9 dollars.
    Pokecorner -

    Probably one of the better places to buy boxes.
    Dave and Adam's Card World | Shop Sports Cards and Trading Card Games

    I find pricing inconsistent, which often means you can find bargains

    Pokemon Trading Post
    Their rare cards may be overpriced, but general staples are fairly cheap here. Good place to buy RH cards.
    Pokemon Trading Post

    The Card Cellar
    Great for UK buyers, hard to find metagame cards at times though.

    eBay Sellers​

    New England Magic Group:

    I'm hoping to make a list of reputable eBay sellers here that keep a good stock range and are good with pricing. Please help me compile this list, whenever you encounter a great eBay seller, leave a post and I'll check them out and consider.

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  2. chrataxe

    chrataxe New Member

    New England Magic Group on ebay is my favorite. They are super fast shipping and have awesome prices with sweet auctions that you can usually pick up staples dirt cheap in sets of 4.

    I will also say I've had 2 orders screwed up....but, I've ordered A LOT from them. Having said that, they fixed it both times with out complaining and despite the screw ups, I still buy from them because I can't find better prices and better customer service.

    New England Magic Group items - Get great deals on items on eBay Stores!
  3. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh Staff Member

    Cheers, I'll put them in
  4. luxraygl

    luxraygl Member

    i am about to buy something by credit card on troll and toad has anyone ever bought from it and is it safe to use like credit card detail wise
  5. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh Staff Member

    I've bought from troll and toad by far the most out of all the US online stores and have never had a single problem before. I've always used paypal though so i dunno about people with credit card experiences but it should be fine
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  6. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care Staff Member

    I've never bought from the US. I usually get stuff from Card Cellar as soon as they put it up (75p Cinccinos and £2.50 Ability Emboars!) What are the shipping costs like and how long do cards take to arrive?
  7. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh Staff Member

    Shipping used to be 99cents for up to 99 cards to the UK but now it's been upped to 2.99 I think (I say I think because my most recent order was pretty huge, well over 50 cards so not too sure). Usually takes up to a week to arrive, rarely longer.

    But yeah, I always see what I can find on the cardcellar first as it's quicker but rarely cheaper tbh. I've found some sites within the UK which don't really take metagame into regards so rarely price their cards right which means the odd bargain or two ;) Just gotta really look hard for them, and by the time you've found them, I've usually cleaned them out of all their bargains ;)
  8. Kuprin

    Kuprin Well-Known Member

    Just a warning: Gamingetc GOUGES shipping, especially out of the US. Expect to pay between a 100% to 500% markup on any shipping costs as a "handling fee". If you ship with UPS, expect your customs charges to be falsified as well.
  9. Eeveesaur

    Eeveesaur New Member

    jmetradingcards used to be my favourite eBay seller because they had tins and 'special' boxes (like World of Illusions, Victini box, Clash of Legends) with cheaper international shipping then other sellers. They don't seem to be selling on eBay now though, which is a shame. They do have a website now: here
  10. luxraygl

    luxraygl Member

    tamoo did T&T ship ur cards to KT first
  11. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh Staff Member

    what does KT stand for?
  12. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care Staff Member

    According to Wikipedia it's either the postal area covering London and Surrey or Christmas Island.

    Let's hope they don't ship via Christmas Island.
  13. luxraygl

    luxraygl Member

    it doesnt matter because i got my cards tday all there i finished blastgatr ( finnaly ) and I upgraded my healsnipe and for a cheap price i recommend Troll and Toad ( T&T ) to everyone in the uk and U.S but i know the U.S have actuall stores but in the UK we dont and i got 23 cards some rare and some not for £9 its amazing go there for ur cards

    P.S- if u buy from card cellar i have a discount cde PM me and i will give u it just say in the PM "CC discount code" and i will send u it 5% off
  14. kandrew5v5

    kandrew5v5 New Member

  15. is card empire safe because i found it and it's seroiusly cheap but i don't know if they could be scammers or something
  16. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care Staff Member

    Ordered from them many times and they are 100% reliable.
  17. and also are toywiz and themonstore safe