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Tier 3 Trubbish/Tools - Trubbish PLS, Sigilyph PLB, Masquerain PLB

Discussion in 'Competitive Deck Discussion' started by Akane, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Drench

    Drench Active Member

    Killing Masquerain is not the point in the Mirror..

    It's just a giant royal rumble. Whoever goes first has an enormous advantage, and because it's a mirror.. you want 2 trubbish on the bench ideally if 1 is active, or not.. it depends.. and with 2 trubbish to have exp share.. this deck doesn't run a lot of catcher so I'm sure they will whiff plenty of times.. but I would gladly have my Sigilyph in the active with float stone/eviolites to stall while Trubbish get energied up.. I think my list is probably the best it'll get, made it day 1, then tweaked it for a few weeks. There's not much else to prepare for or plan out.. it all just depends on the match.

    Mirror match is hilarious, no doubt. But only for 1 side most of the time.
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  2. mz1hC

    mz1hC Member

    Anybody tested Sableye in this deck?
  3. JR_nathan

    JR_nathan Mr.3 Rings Himself

  4. mz1hC

    mz1hC Member

  5. FullArticuno

    FullArticuno New Member

    Strategy question: What are the best tools to attach to Sigilyph when he's on your bench? Or does it matter?
  6. mz1hC

    mz1hC Member

    Definitely Silver Mirror to protect your Sigilyphs because Sigilyph will be holding a majority of the tools. You want leave your Exp. Shares for your benched Trubbishes because it works like Energy Switch except your opponent takes a prize if they are knocked out. The sad thing is, it wont work unless your opponent attacks you. So that means if you attack a Pokemon that has Rocky Helmet, Rock Guard, or Pokemon with damage transferring abilities, then you wont be able to transfer any energy to the Pokemon Exp. Share is attached to. If you already have Masquerain on the field then you can just change the tools over to different Pokemon depending on the situation (like if you know your Pokemon will be knocked out or something like that). Really this deck is dependent on Trubbish getting energy and knocking out your opponents Pokemon and you attaching as many tools to your Pokemon as you can.[DOUBLEPOST=1378008056][/DOUBLEPOST]Chatot PLB might be a good tech for other Tool Box decks. That would totally shut them down.
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  7. Cartoon_Eric

    Cartoon_Eric Member

    Yeah, Chatot PLB when played at the right moment can be this deck's major Achilles' Heel. Only solution I can think of is only drop tools for the amount of damage that you need. I know its easy and very tempting to get carried away to add up the damage to 200+ but sometimes you got to ask yourself, "Do I really need that much?"
  8. indercarnive

    indercarnive Well-Known Member

    or put mirrors on stuff.
  9. Cartoon_Eric

    Cartoon_Eric Member

    Now here's the interesting bit: If you have a Silver Mirror on, let's say, your active Trubbish and you opponent has Chatot PLB in the active and uses Misinformation the active Pokémon, along with other Pokémon, with Silver Mirror isn't affected but everything else is and they get their tools discarded. So that's something to be careful of.
  10. eggrolls

    eggrolls The future of this society. Or not.

    Anything with silver mirror on it is unaffected by chatot's attack completely. So if I have a sigilyph with a silver mirror and an eviolite on it, neither of those tools are affected by chatot and they stay on the sigilyph. Chatot isn't a problem if you put silver mirrors on your sigilyphs.
  11. Cartoon_Eric

    Cartoon_Eric Member

    Now that I relook at Silver Mirror you're right eggrolls. Keep the Silver Mirrors spread out evenly between Sigilyphs and you won't lose the tools since the card clearly states that it prevents all effects of attacks, including damage, done to the Pokémon holding Silver Mirror (except Pokémon EX) by Plasma Pokémon. So that includes those on the bench. So therefore if Sigilyph does have the Silver Mirror amongst its person along with some other tools the other tools will not go to the discard by the effects of Misinformation. But if you neglect to put a Silver Mirror on Sigilyph along with the other tools...then too bad!
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  12. mz1hC

    mz1hC Member

    Well there's always Salamence PLB lol
  13. Cartoon_Eric

    Cartoon_Eric Member

    I would like to see someone actually try to play that and pull the Ability off in time.
  14. mz1hC

    mz1hC Member

    It's definitely not impossible but there's not a whole lot of room to fit much more in the deck, but it's nice to know what cards are out there to counter this deck. My only problem with this deck is being able to setup in time before my opponent start knocking out Trubbishes. It's not anything for your opponent to start attacking with Landorus EX into the first turn, or a Mewtwo EX with DCE for that matter.
  15. Rippin

    Rippin Member

    I was demolishing a kid at my league with this deck, so he started building a Salamence/Druddigon deck. I told him it would never work, lol
  16. JAM

    JAM Consistency > Techs

    You don't need Chatot to take down this deck. A couple of well timed Tool Scrappers and Catchers on Sigilyphs can bring it to a halt.

    Oh, and those of you recommending that players spread their Mirrors on all of their Sigilyphs encase of a Chatot are making it easier for the opponent to use just 2 Tool Scrappers to get rid of all of your Mirrors. You should always keep as few mirrors on the field as possible when facing a Plasma deck. Making it harder for them to get rid of all your Mirrors. Most decks will not include Chatot just for this match-up, since it can be beaten consistently without it.

    Don't get me wrong, this deck is powerful and can compete with many of the top archetypes when things go well. However, it is a glass cannon and things can go down hill quickly if you get a slow start or if your opponent can catcher up Sigilyphs to take your tools off the field. It is also very reliant on Exp. Share to keep attackers powered up, so well time Scrappers on the Exp. Shares can also cripple it. I would say this deck is probably tier 2 or 3, but not something that will win many tournaments out side of a couple Battle Roads.
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  17. Drench

    Drench Active Member

    Slow starts are inevitable. Plenty of attaching then passing.

    Catchers do hurt this deck as they pick things apart, etc etc. just like other trainers decks have.

    I love this deck, have since day 1. But god damn..stop hyping the living hell out of it.

    Bad starts and dead draws happen with this deck more often than many want to admit, but yes..when it's on point, it's a work of art.
  18. TTill171

    TTill171 New Member

    You definately need the Super Rod. I was playing once and I had 3 Trubbish prized... I ended up using that same Trubbish 3 times that match cuz of Super Rod and Dowsing Machine. Witch lead me to win
  19. Cartoon_Eric

    Cartoon_Eric Member

    Super Rod helped me big time the last time I played this deck against someone with TDK. Its a long story to explain but basically he KO'ed all four of my Trubbishes so all I could really do is stall out with Sigilyph holding a Silver Mirror. I Computer Searched for Super Rod, played Super Rod to bring back Trubbish and two Psychic Energy. Then I think I played Juniper to get that Trubbish back and an energy. It was late in the game and he used up two Tool Scrappers and his 4 Catchers so I thought I was safe. Turns out....I was right! Next turn I was able to get that second energy, retreated Silgilyph with a Float Stone and used Masquerain to move around the Silver Mirror onto Trubbish and then just Tool Drop away for the win. One thing he was kicking himself for was bringing up Deoxys EX and forgetting that it had a weakness to Psychic so I was able to KO it and get my last two prizes.

    Lesson there is that I could've scooped after he clobbered my last Trubbish but I decided to press on and use Super Rod to recover and get a win. It was an awesome and close match, let me tell ya.
  20. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit. Staff Member

    Has anyone tried this out with stuff like Team Plasma Badge, Colress Machine, Electrode PLF, etc... or do you think the traditional approach is better?