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Darkrai EX Hydreigon deck

Discussion in 'Deck Help & Development' started by isaiah1989, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. isaiah1989

    isaiah1989 Active Member

    Next set is looking interesting.
    This seems like an ok list, any suggestions anyone??
    I know terrakian and landorus are out there, thats why leavanny is in. If Leavanny is catchered, I can retreat it if it survives a hit, due to Darkrai EX ability.
    Strategy is hope to donk turn one or start hitting for 90 from Darkrai EX earliest as turn 2

    3 Hydreigon
    2 Zweilous
    3 Deino
    3 Darkrai EX
    2 Leavanny (ability weakness)
    1 Swadloon
    2 Sewaddle
    3 Zorua
    2 Zoroark (Dark Explorers)


    4 Pokemon Collector
    3 Sage's Training
    3 Professor Oak New Theory
    2 Professor Juniper


    4 Rare Candy
    3 Junk Arm
    2 Pokemon Catcher
    4 Dark Patch


    4 Special Dark
    7 Dark
    3 Double Colorless
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  2. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    yeah, the popularity of Zekeels producting the popularity of fighting decks is going to be a problem for this deck. it's' going the wrong way into the meta it seems. saying that, i'd like to make a hydreigon deck too, if possible.

    leavanny is interesting, my son and i discussed versions of pairing it with cobalion, eviolite, special metals, max potion, and/or klinklang to make "invincibility" cobalion some months ago. unfortunately, leavanny can't hold up in this catcher infested environment.

    it's a decent list, but i don't really see the synergy between hydreigon and darkrai. darkrai is also not a very good attacker. i do like the zoroark though. you also don't have pokemon communication or similar card to find the zoroarks or hydreigons.
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  3. isaiah1989

    isaiah1989 Active Member

    How Darkrai EX donks

    start with darkrai hopefully, use Sages training (hopefully see some basic darks in the top five from sages) and discard basic dark. then use multiple Dark Patch trainer cards which allows you to attach a basic dark from discard to one of your dark pokemon. then attach another energy for turn. turn one, 90.

    I know its a long shot, but its very possible :)
  4. InfinityMinusOne

    InfinityMinusOne Has a tendency to exist

    Darkrai can hit for 90 on the active and 30 to one benched poke for 3 energy, meaning that with Catcher it can KO an Eelektrik and a benched Tynamo/baby in ONE attack(thats 2 Prizes)! Not to mention Dark Claw(?), which boosts its attack on the active by 20, and 2 plus power means that it also has the ability to OHKO Zekrom/Reshiram. If you want an example of a bad attacker, take a gander at Kyogre EX.
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  5. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod. Staff Member

    Dark patch. Read it again. It only attaches to the bench.
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  6. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    chill out with the caps... and i've spied tynamos w/ 40 hp.... anyways, not e-body is zekeels. kyogre? ... c'mon, no straw-man arguments now
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  7. Jinpachi

    Jinpachi Member

    I agree with Infinity. I really consider Darkrai EX a good attacker. Also, I think Zoroark BW will be better in this list. With 30 damage in a benched Zekrom EX/Reshiram EX, caused by Darkrai EX, Zoroark could OHKO when they were active, copying their attacks (I'm ignoring possible Eviolites the same way that I'm ignoring Dark Claw and Special Dark Energies).

    I'll test this list - without Juniper, OF COURSE - and I will comment again on this topic talking about my results.
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  8. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    i have to admit i forgot the 30 damage to the bench, which could be a key asset as you mention

    regarding babies, i think they are more and more on their way out

    still with the fighting weakness, opponent can drop a terrakion nv and energy swich to a 2 prize ko
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  9. isaiah1989

    isaiah1989 Active Member

    Dammn, i didnt know trainer dark patch only attaches to bench.
    It still could work, maybe add skyarrow bridge and switches to make the donk happen.
  10. InfinityMinusOne

    InfinityMinusOne Has a tendency to exist

    Skyarrow Bridge would be pointless in a deck with Darkrai EX in it, what with his ability and everything. I'd run several pokes w/ zero retreat cost along with 4 Switch and 4 Junk Arm if I REALLY wanted to get a T1 donk on my opponent, but I really see no need for it.
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  11. Jinpachi

    Jinpachi Member

    I think the deck is good without having the focus on donk. The problem I saw was speed, this deck is really slow! A good solution could be remove a 1-1-1 Hydreigon to put 3 Communications. But it's still slow. N is a great suggestion, IMO. The problem now is finding space for it...


    I was testing with the Zoroark BW and worked very well!
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  12. InfinityMinusOne

    InfinityMinusOne Has a tendency to exist

    I agree with Jinpachi on this one (still disagree on Juniper, but that's a different post at a different time). Although Hydreigon can deal a total of 140 damage in one fell swoop, but Zoroark BW, while also being a Stage 1, can deal 150 damage with 2 energy and OHKO Zekrom EX and/or Reshiram EX is in play and you have the right cards in hand. Hydreigon doesn't really OHKO anything in the current format with the exception of Tynamo and Celebi, provided it's active. Otherwise, with its 140 HP, it will most likely be KO'd before it can get any prizes, meaning that the 2-3 turns it takes to set one up will have been wasted. On the other hand, although it is frail and can be OHKO'd by a dozen different attackers, Zoroark can be set up in two turns flat, thus not losing you precious time in today's format.
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  13. Reshiphlosion

    Reshiphlosion The Swarm

    yeah zoroark/darkrai is probably better than hydregion, even if his ability is awesome he'll be squashed by mewtwo because of his attack cost, zoroarkis much better (maybe you could tech 1 BW zoroark and do 3 DE zoroark) then darkrai is just awesome. Has anyone else noticed that terrakion relys on revenge ko's to win? so couldn't you techincally use catcher/crushing hammer to rotate terrakion and in 3 turns kill 3 terrakio without losing a single darkrai? of course this all depends on being able to hit a catcher/Junk Arm every turn for 3 turns but if it works it will rip terrakion apart :3 also youculd probably play around with apiom and tail code to keep terrakion from attacking
  14. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    this sounds pretty pretty crazy... i don't understand why it takes 3 turns, but i guess i won't ask

    the only reason for running hydreigon over zoroark would be if you're running DCL
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  15. Reshiphlosion

    Reshiphlosion The Swarm

    assuming you go first and charge a darkrai on T2 and the opponent hasn't gotten a landorus out yet/doesn't run it:

    T1, attack for 90 and 30 to 1 bench pokemon. They attack for 60 with retaliate, you catcher damaged terrakion and hit for 90 puuting 30 on the freshly benched terrakion (they are now both at 120 damage), oppoent either A switches into the terrakion with energy or B passes because they can't attack then you finish both terrakion off on the third turn, then they revenge you, however they lose terrakion and energy which will be hard to recover (okay you got me it can't kill 3, I thought it's attack did 30 to two benches like chandelure >.<)

    I don't know how much sense I can make on my 3ds but it goes something like that :p
  16. bendanzhu

    bendanzhu New Member

    yea.. and terrakions don't play switch? or catchers? or junk arms? And the terrakion player won't play any heavy balls and has no supporters for 2 or 3 turns? If you start first and get all the cards you want that you mentioned, sure but if terrakions goes first and also does get all his energy drops, you're giving out 2 prize and leaving 2 terrakions with 10 hp and more terrakions benched.

    Probably I would assume the best scenario is (With 1 special dark or dark claw)
    100 to active terrakion, 30 to bench.
    100 to terrakion with 30 dmg and 30 to the benched 100 dmg terrakion.

    Most terrakion decks play lost removers.Also do note that remodeling hammer would be in the dark rush set too. Quad terrakions have plenty of space, running a combination of this hammer and lost remover would be disastrous for a deck like yours with an unreliable energy acceleration with about 50% to 70%+(other dark decks) of your energies being special.

    T1 attack with darkrai ex? How often can you do that? You need darkrai ex benched, a pokemon active, 3 energies, a card that discards 2 or 3 energies, 2 or 3 dark patch and a switch/sky arrow. Do note dark patch works only on basic dark and on bench pokemon. I won't say it's impossible though.

    An ideal CMT deck start doing T1 60/80 uses 1 celebi, 1 tornadus/mewtwo, 1 basic grass, 1 DCE, 1 Skyarrow or switch. That is at least 5 cards and the odds arn't that high too (Unless you burn resource to go for it but there is no guarantee). for your darkrai ex to T1 attack you need at least 9 or 10 cards.
    What are the odds of that?

    Edit: Also do note though that you're running 2 stage 2 and 1 stage 1 lines. It's gonna get clunky. There's a bad thing about darkrai ex's ability. If your pokemon gets catchered out, say one of your Leavanny line, I'm sure you will attempt to retreat it. Many people have the idea of "Hey I play darkrai ex, every pokemon I have is basically free retreat" but if you attached to any leavanny line to retreat, that is basically 1 energy "discarded" that you will not use anymore for the rest of the game until knocked out or hammered/removed just to retreat your leavanny line. Not being able to discard dark when retreating is 1 less way to get dark energies into the discard for your energy acceleration.

    You'll definitely need to run switch if you play a non dark pokemon to conserve energy because most of your pokemon attacks for 2 or more with an unreliable means of energy acceleration. If you go full dark to get around this, well most if not all dark pokemon are weak to fighting.

    Also let's put it ideally that you can accelerate all your energies. You can use dark patch 4 times and junk arm for it 4 times. Only 8 times you could use it. That is like using 2 eletriks for 4 turns. Elektriks=4 cards. Dark patch + junk arm + 8 discards = 16 cards
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  17. Reshiphlosion

    Reshiphlosion The Swarm

    I did say T2 not T1 =P what I meant was the first turn of attack starting from the second turn (told ya I could be confusing on a ds system) also what good would catcher do if all your pokemon have free retreat due to darkrai's ability? even if they do play switch would they want to attach a 3rd energy to a terrakion that has just been hit for 90 and then thrown on the bench? if they do that then they save you a catcher play (sure you may lose an EX in the process but the exchange would still be 2 for 2) also what is the point in getting out more terrakion if you can only attach one energy a turn and put it on the terrakion with damage to ko darkrai? That would leave the other terrakion without any energy and high catcher baits, no matter what way you put it -Unless you have landorus- in 5 turns at best terrakion will only get 5 energy onto the field (I know about exp. share but that will only take a terrakion player so far). Yes I noticed how cluncky the above list can get, no I wasn't talking about the list rather, Darkrai EX as a single card, actually if you look at my above post I suggested pulling the stage 2 line to speed up the deck + add in more consistency. I'm just saying darkrai can be a very effective attacker against terrakion in the early game for a dark deck. Terrakion hates spread damage and it's better than using zekrom EX anyways, I don't want to get into a posting war about this, you may keep your opinion, and I my own. We wont know whatis really good until the set is actually released. Nuff said.
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  18. bendanzhu

    bendanzhu New Member

    You attach dark. Retreat.
    OMG I can't attach to darkrai ex.
    T4 kill?

    nuff said.
  19. Reshiphlosion

    Reshiphlosion The Swarm

    and now your the one saying darkrai has no form of acceleration in Unknown Dark, Electrode prime, dark patch etc. if you have like 10 darkness energy plus a few sp dark you should be getting one every turn + some form of attaching them by T2. Terrakion has no acceleration so he's stuck with dropping only one energy a turn. If you can hit him with darkrai before terrakion has two energy on himself then the results would be in the terrakion player having a ton of pressure put on him terrakion (or any other card for that matter) hates early game pressure something that I think Darkrai can deliver and terrakion simply can't. also if you must you can catcher around the energy (say catcher up on of those terrakion that they just placed down with heavy ball?)
  20. InfinityMinusOne

    InfinityMinusOne Has a tendency to exist

    In truth, Tetrakion technically DOES have energy acceleration in Exp. Share, and btw,couldn't one theoretically just run 1 or 2 Tornadus EX to solve the Terrakion problem? We'd have to play test to find out, but in theorymon,it should work...
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