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Absol PF in Darkrai/Lasers

Discussion in 'Deck Help & Development' started by Civ, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. Civ

    Civ Member

    If there was a DRX-On rotation, then we would still have the EX promos since they came out after DRX. So Darkrai EX would still be in the format if the rotation was DRX-On.
  2. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod. Staff Member

    You don't get how rotations work do you? With rotastion, they announce a given promo number. Any promo number above that is legal, below that is not. They can EASILY just announce that promo numbers 1-darkrai is illegal.
  3. Civ

    Civ Member

    Ahh ok. I guess I just assumed. I've only experienced one rotation so far xD.
  4. pokemonguy

    pokemonguy Making Bad Last-Minute Changes Since Nats 2014

    But still you lose saybleye.

    Also I'm righting an article about this for my first article.
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  5. trainerlock

    trainerlock Pokemon Master

    If you play 3 or more you can use it as a shield against blastoise and other high powered decks to power up Darkrai EX or other techs such as Mewtwo EX.
  6. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    Hopefully you're "writing" it.
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  7. pokemonguy

    pokemonguy Making Bad Last-Minute Changes Since Nats 2014

    Would you still be interested in the article even though we have had allot of results already?
  8. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    If you want to write it, go ahead. Articles are always nice when well-written, and it can be fun writing one. If you want to, please. If not, don't bother.