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hgss victory road sharp

“Victory Road” – The Journey to Finalizing Team Plasma and Trevenant Lists for States

ash falling off cliff

“That’s a Wrap!” – The Best Decks of Winter Regionals 2014

palkia statue

“A Festivus for the Rest of Us” – An Analysis of the 2013 Japanese Battle Fiesta

ash ketchum thankful

“I’m Thankful for the New Format” – Delicious Decks and Talk of a Beach-less Future

squirtle stop

“Why Didn’t I Think of That?” – The Decks and Techs of Fall Regionals 2013

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Random Ramblings to Help You Have an A1 Day at Fall Regionals

ash ketchum derp

New Cards, New Format, New Season: This Title is Catchy

pokemon stadium episode 1

The Final Four – What You’ll Encounter at Nationals

season2_ep37_ss1 pokemon clown

“Step Right Up and Win a Prize!” – An Analysis of the Japanese Battle Carnival