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I've been playing Pokemon since July 2004, or a little over 9 years. I won the 2008 world championships as a senior, New England Regionals in 2011 and in 2013. I'm the current state champion of New Hampshire and finished in the top 4 of Nationals 2011, the latter two as a master. I hail from the Granite State, but I make a point to let everyone know exactly how much I hate the cold weather. When it's nice out (HA), I love to play Frisbee and enjoy the sun. I'm soon to be a Sophmore at Saint Anselm college in Manchester, New Hampshire, majoring in English or Business. I truly can't see myself doing anything but writing for the rest of my life. I have no intention of selling my soul to an accounting firm, no matter how much money they offer me for it. Thanks for reading my stuff, and feel free to follow me on the Twitter machine or message me with comments, questions, or even just to tell me how awesome I am!

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